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Skittles and More Candy Bouquet

Vendor: Art Gifts

Our Skittles and More Bouquet will last for days and is a better gift than fresh flowers. Our expert designers used packaged candy to create this outstanding candy combo that is sure to wow any gift recipient with a sweet tooth. Sour Skittles serve as the vase which holds a bouquet of assorted fun size candies including M&M's, Butterfingers, Milky Way, Snickers, Nestle Crunch, Now & Laters, Fun Dip, Airheads, Laffy Taffy, Nerds, and more. The Skittles and Grins Bouquet Gift is available in two sizes. The medium bouquet includes 5 large Skittles packs and 12 Fun Size Assorted Chocolates and Candies. The large bouquet includes 8 large Skittles packs and 23 Fun Size Assorted Chocolates and Candies.

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